Loopbaanadvies Pro

Loopbaanadvies Pro is run by career coach Sara Surachno.

Pro means professional

Pro stands for the career professional focusing on highly qualitative processes and results. I’m a certified career coach and a graduate from one of the best career coach schools in Holland: Annet Brinkhuis Opleidingen. Coaching and advice by Loopbaanadvies Pro helps you to gain insights leading to lasting personal and professional development. You can expect provocative questions, a respectful attitude and an out of the box approach.


By unexpected and provocative questions you will be stimulated to reflect upon yourself and your environment. Additional home assignments will help you to discover the answers to your career questions.


You know yourself best. That means that you use Loopbaanadvies Pro temporarily to find your own answers. The role of the coach is to ask the right questions, introduce exercises, state observations and give advice. The method used is transparent and will highlight your talents and why certain jobs would fit. You will receive meaningful assignments, not akin to a black box with just input and output, but enabling you to understand the whole process.

Out of the box

I am an authentic, creative coach who offers personalised coaching. That means that your assignments are chosen or even created for you personally and will fit your needs. During the process you will notice that the answers to your career questions will gradually become clearer and clearer.

Loopbaanadvies Pro is Noloc recognized

noloc gecertificeerd


  • Phone: +316-28931031
  • E-mail: info@loopbaanadvies.pro


It can be quite difficult to distance yourself from daily activities and look at yourself from a different perspective. The questions Sara helped me with were: What are the obstacles in my career and what could give me extra energy? Prior to the coaching process, we jointly identified what my needs and questions were and Sara created all kinds of creative assignments to fit them. Through these assignments I became aware of the choices I made and thought carefully about what it really was that… Read more