sara-surachnoAbout Sara Surachno

Personal background

I grew up with a mixed background in multicultural Amsterdam and I love to travel. That's why I look at the world from a broad perspective. I hold a Master in Social-Cultural Science and I am a certified career advisor and coach.


My interest in people and work is deeply rooted and I have devoted the past ten years to working and learning in this field. I spent two years as an intermediary and account manager where I gained a deep understanding of the labour market. I also spent eight years working with a variety of career clients where I developed an elaborate vision on career orientation and development. See also my profile at LinkedIn.

Sara the career coach

As a person and career coach I am enthusiastic and analytical with a sense of humour. I love working with a great diversity of people and offer personalised coaching and advice, which people have responded very positively to.

Diverse clients

My clients work in various fields such as Arts, Health Care, Horeca, Banking, Education, Events and the Commercial sector. Positions they had or acquired are business analyst, team manager, HR advisor, account manager, policy officer, doctor and entrepreneur.

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I got to know Sara as an open person, she makes contact easily and shows genuine interest. Her critical but supportive feedback contributed a lot. She taught me to see things from a different perspective and to place my doubts and fears in a broader perspective. Sara is good at listening and asking the right questions. She makes you more aware of your own patterns and advises you, without taking over, so that you ultimately come up with your own answers to your questions. I have enjoyed working … Read more