Career coach

A career coach helps you with various questions about work and personal development. If you wonder if your current job really suits you or how to use your talents more effectively, then a good career coach can be the solution. She stimulates you to reflect on a deeper level.

The added value

The added value of a career coach is there when you, the client, start to look at things from a different angle than before. Your awareness will grow by the questions asked and through the assignments you do. Besides this, you will also receive valuable tips about how to do an effective orientation on the labour market.

The `who am I’ question

The `who am I’ question is key when reflecting on personal and professional development. A career coach stimulates you to ask yourself that question once again at this point in your life. Also, a career coach can challenge you to approach your environment in a different way to see what the result is in terms of new insights or, alternatively, to discover a completely different environment than you are currently working in. This is what I call: field work.

A career coach as reflecting water

A career coach can be compared with reflecting water. She shares her observations about you and mentions these. The effect is like looking in a mirror but more dynamic. Her observations are moving, changing, because you also change, evolve and clarify things during the process. These observations will speed up your self-consciousness and are without judgement.

A journey

The more you are aware of your talents and discovering new worlds inside and outside, the more you will be able to make decisions that make you happy! This applies not only to your career decisions but also to other life decisions. It is an exciting journey in which you are the captain and the career coach facilitates you by offering a map and inquiring about your destiny and how you like to travel.

A different angle

By talking to a career coach, introspection sharpens and your research on career opportunities will have more focus. You will see that those career questions and dilemmas will appear more simple now than before, because your knowledge grew. Hereby, you will find the solutions you were looking for.

Sara Surachno

Loopbaanadvies Pro is one woman strong and consists of certified career coach Sara Surachno. If you have any questions or would like an exploratory talk at no cost, please feel free to contact me!

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It can be quite difficult to distance yourself from daily activities and look at yourself from a different perspective. The questions Sara helped me with were: What are the obstacles in my career and what could give me extra energy? Prior to the coaching process, we jointly identified what my needs and questions were and Sara created all kinds of creative assignments to fit them. Through these assignments I became aware of the choices I made and thought carefully about what it really was that… Read more