1, 2, 3 go!

In 2017 Loopbaandadvies Pro started with coaching via Skype! The main reason was the growing need for her services from abroad. More and more she was approached with the question of whether she wanted to coach through Skype. Mostly, these expats (to be) were intending to live and work in the Netherlands and wanted to explore the Dutch labor market.

Skype service extension

In addition, the Skype service is there for clients who move from Holland elsewhere and would like to continue or restart the coaching. Actually, professionals worldwide can benefit from the coaching and advice that Sara Surachno from Loopbaanadvies Pro offers, independent of where they live or aim to work. Her services do not only apply to the Dutch labour market since her knowledge about personal branding, networking and application processes are applicable to numerous markets.

Skype Coaching for everyone, anywhere

Career coach Sara really believes that everyone should have the luxury to receive coaching and advice from their living room. Therefore, as a client, you can choose personal coaching at her office in Amsterdam Zuid or from your home/office via Skype. Save some time by not having to travel to her office and choose Skype! Speaking of travel .. Sara's career clients love traveling. You too? Great, because now travelling doesn’t have to slow you down. You can continue your coach sessions when you are abroad!

With Skype, you choose:

  • from where
  • when
  • the adjusted rate

Loopbaanadvies Pro is Noloc recognized

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  • Phone: +316-28931031
  • E-mail: info@loopbaanadvies.pro


It can be quite difficult to distance yourself from daily activities and look at yourself from a different perspective. The questions Sara helped me with were: What are the obstacles in my career and what could give me extra energy? Prior to the coaching process, we jointly identified what my needs and questions were and Sara created all kinds of creative assignments to fit them. Through these assignments I became aware of the choices I made and thought carefully about what it really was that…