The coaching process in three phases

Sara SurachnoCoaching and advice at Loopbaanadvies Pro has a clear structure and consists of three phases.

Phase 1

The first phase revolves around YOU. You will do a lot of self-examination about who you are, what gives you energy and what your strengths are. It will be an adventure and you will positively surprise yourself, because forgotten talents and desires will come to the surface and will take shape again in the present. When your unique character traits, talents and drives are clear, you can start discovering what would be the ideal job for you!

Phase 2

During the second part of the process, you will explore the sectors and positions that you find interesting. Your labour market research will be broad and deep with the help of inspiring exercises. One on hand, think of fun discovery games and on the other hand of targeted searches on the internet and meeting up with network partners to further investigate appealing positions.

Phase 3

The third part consists of personal branding, because now you know which job you are aiming for and are ready to pursue it effectively. This last phase includes rewriting or perfecting your resume, learning to write the ideal letter of application and receiving golden tips on how to go through the application process successfully.


Choosing a package

Which parts of a coaching process you need depends on your precise objective and questions. You will find three options described below.

Package `Discover and get the dream job’: phases 1, 2 and 3

Phases 1, 2 and 3 are suitable if you want to discover your dream job and at the start are still open to a multitude of possibilities. To go through the entire process, which includes all 3 phases would be ideal. This consists of seven conversations and several home assignments in between. Choosing this means that you allow yourself the time to track down that very special job in which you feel like a fish in the water and at the same time challenged to develop further. Because there is a good chance that you will choose a different professional direction than before, it is important to show yourself in a different way. You will rewrite your resume, LinkedIn profile and letters with enthusiasm and longing for the new profession and with confidence you will highlight which relevant talents and transferrable skills you will bring to the table. This package costs 2310,- excl. VAT.

Package `Discover dream job’: phases 1 and 2

If you think you are king in terms of marketing yourself, then I recommend that you only go through phase 1 and phase 2. Five conversations should then suffice. This package costs 1650,- excl. VAT.

Package `Get the job’: phase 3

Do you already know exactly which position(s) you are aiming for and do you only want some help with presenting yourself in a persuasive way: CV, letter and interview? Then two conversations are truly enough to achieve your goal, as long as you aim for positions that suit you. This package costs 660,- excl. VAT.


Coaching takes place in Amsterdam South in the Van Eeghenlaan 27 on the edge of the Vondelpark. Contact me for more information or request an exploratory interview by phone.


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Ik heb Sara leren kennen als een open persoon, ze maakt makkelijk contact en toont oprechte interesse. Tijdens de loopbaancoaching heb ik veel aan Sara gehad o.a. door haar kritische houding. Sara heeft mij geleerd zaken vanuit een ander perspectief te zien, en daarbij mijn eigen angsten in een breder perspectief te plaatsen. Sara kan goed luisteren en doorvragen. Ze zet je aan t denken en adviseert, zonder daarbij een al te sturende rol in te nemen, zodat je uiteindelijk zelf met antwoorden op … Read more