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Online services from 2017- present

In 2017 Loopbaanadvies Pro started with online career coaching. The main reason was the growing need for her services throughout the Netherlands. More and more requests came in for online coaching, mostly from expats living in the Netherlands and wanting to explore the Dutch labour market effectively.

Online service extension

Naturally, professionals worldwide can benefit from the coaching and advice that Sara Surachno from Loopbaanadvies Pro offers, independent of where they live or aim to work. Her services do not only apply to the Dutch labour market since her knowledge about personal branding, networking and application processes are applicable to numerous markets. This opens up many opportunities for a career change inside and outside of Europe.

Online coaching for anyone, anywhere

Career coach Sara really believes that everyone should have the luxury to receive coaching and advice from the comfort of their home. Therefore, you can choose for personal coaching at her office in Amsterdam Zuid (after the corona crisis) or right away, online, from your home.

With Online, you choose:

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I got to know Sara as an open person, she makes contact easily and shows genuine interest. Her critical but supportive feedback contributed a lot. She taught me to see things from a different perspective and to place my doubts and fears in a broader perspective. Sara is good at listening and asking the right questions. She makes you more aware of your own patterns and advises you, without taking over, so that you ultimately come up with your own answers to your questions. I have enjoyed working … Read more