Vincent van den Hoed

It can be quite difficult to distance yourself from daily activities and look at yourself from a different perspective. The questions Sara helped me with were: What are the obstacles in my career and what could give me extra energy?

Prior to the coaching process, we jointly identified what my needs and questions were and Sara created all kinds of creative assignments to fit them. Through these assignments I became aware of the choices I made and thought carefully about what it really was that I wanted. Sara’s sharp questions mercilessly reveal where the pain points lie, but she also gives tips on how to deal with them.

After the sessions, I took action and knew much better how I wanted to evolve further. It is definitely recommended to have Sara hold up a mirror to you!

Liselotte Out

I got to know Sara as an open person, she makes contact easily and shows genuine interest. Her critical but supportive feedback contributed a lot. She taught me to see things from a different perspective and to place my doubts and fears in a broader perspective. Sara is good at listening and asking the right questions. She makes you more aware of your own patterns and advises you, without taking over, so that you ultimately come up with your own answers to your questions. I have enjoyed working with Sara, I have definitely become more confident about what I desire from my career and my options!