What is career advice?

Career advice and coaching work! They accelerate progress by providing focus and awareness. It enables you to discover more about your strengths, which positions and work environment would suit you and the direction in which you would like to develop yourself professionally.

Career advice as a question

The word career advice can be misleading, because the best advice is actually a good question! All the solutions to the challenges you face are within you and will be discovered by you. It is the coach who, by inquiring, brings the answers to the surface. A friend told me once about his favourite sparring partner and I asked him: why her? `She brings me in contact with my inner wisdom’, he replied. And that is exactly what a career coach should do: bring your inner wisdom to the surface. The answers come from you and I only stimulate you by thorough questions, sharp analyses and more questions so that you reflect in a different way than you were used to and on a deeper level.

Career advice as an assignment

Career advice during coach sessions can, besides a question, also have the form of an assignment. The career advice then is an assignment to take action or to reflect on a certain subject. The objective of this form of career advice could for example be that you try new things to see what happens, but it can also be to discover how you really feel about certain habits with respect to work, like saying yes to projects, even if you would prefer someone else to take them. My clients find these assignments very useful.

Career advice as an end report

After 2 or 3 months when you finished all your sessions, you will receive career advice in the form of an end report. It contains your most valuable insights and of course the answers to your career questions. This type of career advice serves as a reminder. Career advice as an end report is more than just a summary. It also includes advice for the future, for example the advice to develop a specific talent further or to keep practising new behaviour. It serves to stimulate you to continue the right path.

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It can be quite difficult to distance yourself from daily activities and look at yourself from a different perspective. The questions Sara helped me with were: What are the obstacles in my career and what could give me extra energy? Prior to the coaching process, we jointly identified what my needs and questions were and Sara created all kinds of creative assignments to fit them. Through these assignments I became aware of the choices I made and thought carefully about what it really was that… Read more