Welcome to Loopbaanadvies Pro

Do you ever wonder…

  • What truly makes you happy?
  • How to find a new career path?
  • What position would fit you?
  • How to leverage your talents?
  • Where to find the right company for you?

Loopbaanadvies Pro can help you by offering career coaching and advice.

The Interview

Before we start the coaching programme we will conduct an interview, in which you define your career question and will see how career coaching at Loopbaanadvies Pro fits your needs. This interview is without further commitment and free of charge.

The Coaching Programme

After the interview, we will engage in a coaching programme. During this period, there will be around seven coaching sessions and some assignments for you to work on. Another number of sessions is also possible. Our main focus will be to discover the answers to your specific career questions. You will benefit by gaining tremendous insight into your talents and strengths. Through this programme, you will also learn about the things that are holding you back in your career. At the end of the coaching programme, you will receive a detailed summary report that will help you to pursue your personal and professional goals.

Results of the Programme

A career coaching programme includes several elements. All of the following elements and results are optional. They depend on the career question you have and the number of sessions you take. Here are some of the results you can expect:

  • You know what makes you unique
  • On a deeper level, you know what drives you and interests you
  • You rediscovered the labour market and have a clear view on options that suit you
  • You know how to `sell’ yourself
  • Insight in how you usually connect with your environment and how you can improve that
  • Finally knowing what was holding you back and how to get past that
  • You know now what your dream job looks like and how to pursue it
  • Having a clear goal in mind and an action plan to realize it