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sara surachno

I coach professionals with transition

You should expect a lot from a job and work environment, because you spend a significant part of your time there. Loopbaanadvies Pro offers insights that you can use now and in the future. Coach Sara Surachno encourages you to discover what your strengths are, what positions and working environment suit you, and in which direction you would like to develop further. Would you like to know more? Get in touch!

Career advice

Career coach Sara Surachno specialises in career change. Are you ready to discover your dream job? Exploring your drives & talents and the Dutch labour market will lead to that perfect match.

Life coaching

life coaching

You have questions that are not or not only about work and you could use a sparring partner. You are looking for balance or renewal, and are open to dialogue and introspection.


loopbaan workshops
Workshops from Loopbaanadvies Pro are interactive, engaging and focused on self-insight. The group process and the exchange between participants serve to inspire and stimulate each other.
sara surachno

Who is coach Sara Surachno?

My interest in people and work is deeply rooted and I have devoted the past 15 years to working and learning in this field. I spent 2 years as a recruiter where I gained a deep understanding of the labour market. As a coach, I also spent 13 years working with a variety of clients where I developed an elaborate vision on career orientation and development. See my profile on LinkedIn.

Work with me

I am a positive, result-driven coach with a helicopter view.
Some of my services are:

Personal career coaching & advice

Loopbaanadvies Pro encourages you to find out where your strengths lie, which positions and working environment suit you best and in which direction you would like to develop.

Online coaching

Career coach Sara Surachno believes that everyone should have the luxury of receiving coaching and advice from the living room or elsewhere.

Career advice for students​

International students who would like to start exploring the labour market will certainly benefit from career coaching. Expect inspiring and focused career advice that matches your background and wishes.


The workshops can be developed in consultation for a specific target group based on the present needs and questions. In addition, there is an existing range of workshops that have been proven to be successful.


Prefer to work on your own?

The Dutch online programme for job application guidance is available now! This is for you if you know yourself reasonably well, have some clarity about what your strengths & drives are, and don’t think professional meetings about your career are needed. The tool consist of videos and assignments. The costs are 777,- excl. VAT. The English online programme will be available in 2024.

If would benefit more from deep self-examination and a thorough labour market exploration, then I recommend the personal career meetings instead.


Experiences with coaching