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Career workshops

Workshops from Loopbaanadvies Pro are interactive, engaging and focused on self-insight. The group process and the exchange between participants serve to inspire and stimulate each other. The insights and results will be on an individual level. Each participant will have a unique harvest.

The workshops can be developed in consultation for a specific target group based on the present needs and questions. In addition, there is an existing range of workshops that have proven to be successful. Groups I have worked with include: expats, teachers and local residents. The workshops are available in both Dutch and English.

An atmosphere of safety and trust is key to ensure a pleasant and constructive learning environment.

A selection of the topics of the existing workshops:

sara surachno

Who is coach Sara Surachno?

My interest in people and work is deeply rooted and I have devoted the past 15 years to working and learning in this field. I spent 2 years as a recruiter where I gained a deep understanding of the labour market. I also spent 13 years working with a variety of career clients where I developed an elaborate vision on career orientation and development. See also my profile at LinkedIn.

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The costs are €2100,- excl. VAT per day (part). A price per participant is also possible in consultation.



The workshops take place in Amsterdam in an inspiring environment.

Workshops in Dutch and English

Workshops are offered in both Dutch and English.

One of one coaching can take place online or in Amsterdam South in the Van Eeghenlaan, located near the Vondelpark. Get in touch for more information or request an exploratory call!

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