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Personal background

I, Sara Surachno, grew up with a mixed background in multicultural Amsterdam and I love to travel. That’s why I look at the world from a broad perspective. I hold a Master in Social-Cultural Science and I am a certified career advisor and coach.


My interest in people and work is deeply rooted and I have devoted the past 15 years to working and learning in this field. I spent 2 years as a recruiter where I gained a deep understanding of the labour market. I also spent 13 years working with a variety of career clients where I developed an elaborate vision on career orientation and development. See also my profile at LinkedIn.

Diverse clients

My clients work in various sectors such as Consulting, Finance, Education, Government, IT, Commerce and Science. Positions they had or acquired are consultant, CEO, business analyst, scientist, team manager, HR advisor, account manager, policy officer, doctor and entrepreneur.

Sara the career coach

As a person and career coach I am enthusiastic and analytical with a sense of humour. I love working with a great diversity of people and offer personalised coaching and advice, which people have responded very positively to.
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Want to see Sara in motion?

Check out my video about qualities! Mine are: listening, entrepreneurship, analysis, drive and empathy. What are yours?

About Loopbaanadvies Pro

Loopbaanadvies Pro is run by career coach Sara Surachno.


Pro means professional

Pro stands for the career professional focusing on highly qualitative processes and results. I’m a certified career coach and a graduate from one of the best career coach schools in the Netherlands: Annet Brinkhuis Opleidingen. Coaching and advice by Loopbaanadvies Pro helps you to gain insights leading to lasting personal and professional development. You can expect stimulating questions, a respectful attitude and an out of the box approach.



You know yourself best. That means that you use Loopbaanadvies Pro temporarily to find your own answers. The role of the coach is to ask the right questions, introduce exercises, state observations and give advice. The method used is transparent and will highlight your talents and why certain jobs would fit. You will receive meaningful assignments, not akin to a black box with just input and output, but enabling you to understand the whole process.


Out of the box

I am an authentic, creative coach who offers personalised coaching. That means that your assignments are chosen or even created for you personally and will fit your needs. During the process you will notice that the answers to your career questions will gradually become clearer and clearer.

Career advice in Dutch and English

Career coaching is possible in both Dutch and English. Coaching conversations take place online or in Amsterdam South in the Van Eeghenlaan, located at the Vondelpark. Get in touch for more information or request an exploratory call!


Experiences with coaching