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Life coaching

You have questions that are not or not only about work and you can use a sparring partner. You do not struggle with overwhelming fears or depression, but you are looking for balance or renewal.
Maybe I, Sara Surachno, am the right coach for you. You can assess this yourself after a non-binding, exploratory conversation by phone. The actual coaching sessions will take place online or in person in Amsterdam.

With 13 years of experience as a life coach, I am an expert in the following themes:

sara surachno

Who is life coach Sara Surachno?

My interest in people is deeply rooted and I have devoted the past 15 years to working and learning in this field. As a coach, I work with a variety of clients in terms of age, gender, and cultural background. Whether it’s growing your confidence or finding a new direction, I’m here for you. Hundreds of people have benefited from joining my coaching sessions. See also my profile at LinkedIn.

Life coach Sara Surachno

Developing involves asking questions: ‘asking yourself’. Fortunately so, because how boring would it be if we already had all the answers?


Identity & life questions

Like you, I also ask myself questions about the above topics. Now that I'm over 40, I'm looking for new ways to connect with life. The ambition and urge to perform in my 20's and 30's have made way for inner peace, wonder and a need to share. I am still adventurous and besides my passion for coaching, I am an avid dancer. I enjoy discovering new places, people and activities all the time.


A colourful life

I consider work a wonderful vehicle for self-realisation, but not the only one. There are so many forms and ways to connect with life. Think of love, friendships, art, hobbies, activism, knowledge, nature, travel and meditation.


Here to move

You can expect in me an interested, open-minded and empathic coach who dares to both challenge and cheer you. I would be honoured to help you find a new direction, within yourself and beyond.

Everything that lives, changes and moves. Are you in?

Sara Surachno

Life coaching is offered in both Dutch and English. Coaching conversations can take place online or in Amsterdam South in the Van Eeghenlaan, located at the Vondelpark. Get in touch for more information or request an exploratory call!

The process

What does the life coaching process look like? During an exploratory call you  will formulate an objective and questions. These will be the focus during the coaching process. The actual meetings take place in person or online and last about an hour. Once a week or once every two weeks works best usually . In addition to the conversations, you will work on assignments in between our meetings. Experience shows that this not only speeds up the inner process, but that insights and experiences will also be more profound and lasting. 


Once you have decided that you would like to work with me, it’s time to choose a package. Two packages are offered, namely of 3 meetings and 5 meetings. For most of my clients with a specific life questions 3- 5 conversations are sufficient. You will see that, together, we are able to get to the root of the matter pretty quickly.

It could of course be that you desire more than 5 meetings. In that case, simply choose a follow-up package afterwards. 

Let's start!

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