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Sara Surachno of Loopbaanadvies Pro encourages you to find out where your strengths lie, which positions and working environment suit you best and in which direction you would like to develop further.

Do you ever wonder…

Through stimulating questions from the career coach and the right career advice, you will find out where you want to go and what suits you best.

Content of the coaching process

During a coaching programme you will be guided for several weeks or months by Sara Surachno, a qualified career advisor and coach. You will have personal conversations and will work on assignments in between the meetings. Your specific career question or goal will be the focus and you also gain insight into your talents, energy providers and possible blockages.

Results of the Programme

A career coaching programme includes several elements. All of the following elements and results are optional. They depend on the career question you have and the number of sessions you take. Here are some of the results you can expect:

  • You know what makes you unique
  • On a deeper level, you know what drives you and interests you
  • You rediscovered the labour market and have a clear view on options that suit you
  • You know how to `sell’ yourself
  • Insight in how you usually connect with your environment and how you can improve that
  • Being aware of what has been holding you back and how to overcome it
  • You know now what your dream job looks like and how to pursue it
  • Having a clear goal in mind and an action plan to realise it

Free exploratory meeting

Before we start the coaching programme we will conduct an interview by phone, in which you define your career questions or goal and will discover how career coaching at Loopbaanadvies Pro fits your needs. This interview is without further commitment and free of charge. Please call +316-28931031 to schedule the interview or have it right away.

What is career advice?

Career advice and coaching works! They accelerate progress by providing focus and awareness. It enables you to discover more about your strengths, which positions and work environment would suit you and the direction in which you would like to develop yourself professionally.


Career advice as a question

The word career advice can be misleading, because the best advice is actually a good question! All the solutions to the challenges you face are within you and will be discovered by you. It is the coach who, by inquiring, brings the answers to the surface. A friend told me once about his favourite sparring partner and I asked him: why her? `She brings me in contact with my inner wisdom’, he replied. And that is exactly what a career coach should do: bring your inner wisdom to the surface. The answers come from you and I only stimulate you by thorough questions, sharp analyses and more questions so that you reflect in a different way than you were used to and on a deeper level.


Career advice as an assignment

Career advice during coach sessions can, besides a question, also have the form of an assignment. The career advice then is an assignment to take action or to reflect on a certain subject. The objective of this form of career advice could for example be that you try new things to see what happens, but it can also be to discover how you really feel about certain habits with respect to work, like saying yes to projects, even if you would prefer someone else to take them. My clients find these assignments very useful.


Career advice as a suggestion

It is not without reason that you speak to a professional. In addition to stimulating questions and assignments, you also expect clear advice and rightly so. As a career professional I can give concrete advice in the field of job searching, applying for jobs, networking and salary negotiation, for example. Suggestions for self-reflection or asking for feedback are also included if the process requires so.

Career advice in Dutch and English

Career coaching is possible in both Dutch and English. Coaching conversations take place online or in Amsterdam South in the Van Eeghenlaan, located at the Vondelpark. Get in touch for more information or request an exploratory conversation by phone!


Why career coaching?

Sometimes it’s good to stand still for a while… How satisfied are you with your job? These are trying times with less job security than in the past. With career advice you give yourself time and space to stop and explore, in search of new job opportunities.

Tools for the future

You can expect a lot from a job and work environment, because you spend a significant part of your time there. Loopbaanadvies Pro offers tools that you can use now and in the future. Would you like to know more? Get in touch!

Career advice in Amsterdam

The coach sessions will take place in Amsterdam. The regular location in Amsterdam for career coaching is Van Eeghenlaan 27 next to Vondelpark. Coaching and advice can also take place online. Are you ready for the next step in your professional live? Contact certified career coach Sara Surachno.


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