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The Regular package of €750,- excl. VAT

For most students who are in need of an occupational orientation, the Regular package is sufficient. This vocational selection package consists of three meetings. The results will be:

  • Knowing your drives, talents and interests
  • Knowing which direction you want to take in terms of professional development and which jobs fit.


Drives, talents and interests

During a trip to the past, you will discover your talents and drives. Your favourite activities and favourite music/books/films from then (and possibly now) will be reviewed. In addition, I'll encourage you to remember your favourite game when growing up and/or people in who you have had a special interest.


The elements of Carl Jung

What type of character are you, what are you predisposed to and what is your added value? These questions will be answered so that it becomes easier to choose a professional direction that suits you.


The Job Treasury

The labour market is on the move. There are new functions and even branches at every turn. It is quite a challenge to get a full view of the labour market and then to find the right functions and lines of business for you. The result of this session is twofold. Firstly, you will find functions and lines of business that you have not thought of at all. Secondly, you discover which activities, topics and other work aspects appeal to you and in which jobs and lines of business you can find them.

The Plus package of €1200,- excl. VAT

The Plus package consists of the Regular package plus two extra meetings. The Plus package consists of five meetings in total and is intended for students who want to get some extra baggage on top of the Regular package to not only find, but also get the right job. The results will be:

  • Discovering your drives, talents and interests.
  • Knowing which direction you want to take in terms of professional development and which jobs fit.
  • Knowing exactly which job or jobs you will aim for.
  • Knowledge and skills on how to find the right vacancies.
  • Being able to sell yourself well.


Creative Google-searches, LinkedIn and network conversations

During this advisory interview, you will learn how to find the right jobs via the internet, LinkedIn and network conversations. This is discussed from A to Z so that you have practical tools to get started.


Personal branding

Knowing what you want and finding the right vacancy is one thing, but making sure you get the job is a second. The conversation about presenting yourself is of added value for practically anyone, but not always necessary. For some, it is a useful extra, because you learn techniques that you can use for the rest of your career, for others it is an absolute must because selling yourself does not feel natural and you want this process to be more relaxed. Both network conversations, job interviews, telephone calls and mail contacts are discussed. Furthermore, it is possible to jointly create the ideal CV and LinkedIn Profile during this meeting. You indicate where your need lies and what we should focus on.

Career advice in Dutch and English

Career coaching is possible in both Dutch and English. Coaching conversations can take place online or in Amsterdam South in the Van Eeghenlaan, located at the Vondelpark. Get in touch for more information or request an exploratory conversation by phone!


Why career coaching?

Sometimes it’s good to stand still for a while… How satisfied are you with your job? These are trying times with less job security than in the past. With career advice you give yourself time and space to stop and explore, in search of new job opportunities.

Tools for the future

You can expect a lot from a job and work environment, because you spend a significant part of your time there. Loopbaanadvies Pro offers tools that you can use now and in the future. Would you like to know more? Get in touch!

Career advice in Amsterdam

The coach sessions will take place in Amsterdam. The regular location in Amsterdam for career coaching is Van Eeghenlaan 27 next to Vondelpark. Coaching and advice can also take place online. Are you ready for the next step in your professional live? Contact certified career coach Sara Surachno.


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